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Why Custom Picture Framing?

Custom picture framing is the art of creating a unique frame that is specifically tailored to your artwork or photo. This type of framing serves a range of purposes, not only for aesthetic purposes but also for its practical and preservation benefits.

Below are some of the fundamental benefits of custom picture framing:


Custom framing provides a unique and personalized look to your artwork or photo. You choose what materials and colors you want to use to create your own specific design. This means that you can choose the perfect frame to match the decor and style of your room, thereby enhancing the beauty of your artwork.


The materials used in custom picture framing provide a buffer between your artwork and the environment, protecting it from dust, pollutants, moisture, and other harmful elements that could ruin it. A custom-framed piece of artwork will also not come in direct contact with the glass, preventing condensation or smudging.


A customized frame will protect the artwork or photo from the negative effects of light exposure. UV light can fade the colors of art materials over time, or make the paper yellow and brittle, resulting in an irreversible loss of beauty. To prevent this, your frame should have a UV filter to keep your artwork preserved for a long time.

Preservation & Restoration

Custom framing can preserve your artwork, photos, or prints for generations to come. Proper framing can enhance its longevity, but in case of damage or wear and tear, it may also be restored. Sometimes, you will need to replace the matting or backing, or consider repairing and cleaning the artwork. Having a skilled knowledgeable framer in charge of your piece can help you navigate this complex process.

In conclusion, custom picture framing brings value to your artwork. You will have it beautifully displayed, well-protected, and preserved. The framing and design will also enhance its appearance and increase its longevity. So, next time you want to hang that beautiful artwork or photo, don’t hesitate to invest in custom picture framing that not only looks amazing but is also practical.


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