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Choosing the Perfect Frame for Your Fine Art Photographs

Are you a fine art photography enthusiast looking to display your prized pieces in the best possible way? Choosing the right frame can make all the difference, not only in terms of protection but also in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your artwork.

Framed fine art pieces
Fine art framing

In this blog post, we'll explore three main framing options for fine art photographs and provide insights into which one might be the perfect fit for your needs.

  1. Classic Frame: The classic frame offers both protection and elegance for your fine art photographs. Typically constructed from wood or aluminium, these frames come complete with a mat board, backing, and glass or plexiglass. They're versatile, suitable for various room settings, and offer options for frame width, color, and placement. If your artwork will be displayed in front of natural or artificial light sources, opting for anti-reflective glass is recommended to minimize glare and maximize visibility.

  2. Aluminium Mounting: For those seeking a more modern and minimalist approach, aluminium mounting provides an excellent solution. This technique involves mounting the photograph onto a rigid backing of aluminium or alu-Dibond without the need for a traditional frame or glass. Aluminium mounting offers a sleek look that complements contemporary spaces, and it's suitable for photographs of all formats. For an even more refined finish, consider opting for Diasec finishing, which adds a layer of acrylic for a sharper and richer appearance. However, it's essential to note that aluminium mounting requires professional handling for proper mounting and hanging.

  3. Floater Frame: If you're aiming for gallery-worthy presentation, a floater frame might be the perfect choice. Commonly used in art galleries, this framing option elegantly enhances the photograph by creating a floating effect. The artwork is mounted on a backing and placed inside a frame, leaving a gap around the edges to achieve the desired visual impact. Floater frames offer flexibility in terms of material and color, allowing you to tailor the frame to suit your artwork's aesthetic. While this option may be more expensive, it provides a quality solution that aligns with gallery standards.

Floater frame - on fine art
Floater frame - on fine art

When choosing the right frame for your fine art photographs, it's essential to consider your budget, aesthetic preferences, and the intended display environment. If you're looking for a simple and cost-effective option, a classic frame with anti-glare or anti-reflective glass is a solid choice. For a more contemporary look, aluminium mounting offers sleekness and versatility, albeit with a potential lack of protection unless Diasec finishing is chosen.

Finally, for those seeking the utmost in elegance and sophistication, a floater frame provides a gallery-worthy solution that beautifully showcases your artwork.

Selecting the perfect frame for your fine art photographs is a decision that should be made with careful consideration. Whether you opt for a classic frame, aluminium mounting, or a floater frame, professional framing services can help ensure that your artwork is presented in the best possible light. Don't hesitate to seek advice from experts or the gallery where you purchased the print to achieve the desired result. After all, the right frame can elevate your fine art photographs from mere images to stunning works of art.


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