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Mounting Different Types Of Artwork

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

There are different adhesives used to attach your artwork to the backing board. In picture framing we use various methods, depending on the size, weight, and nature of the artwork.

Three Dimensional Objects

We often use nylon fishing line to attach objects to the backgrounds. The line is hand sewn into and/or around the object (depending on the material). Also, a ledge or small wooden or metal shelf or hook can be used if needed.

Hinging Paper Artwork

Fine artwork should never be glued down or fully mounted by use of paste, it should be hinged using suspension tabs and a special hinging tape for artwork.

Normally we place two suspension tabs at the top of the artwork but if the artwork is extra-large or heavy, we will place a third tab.

Corner Pockets

One of the most archival ways to adhere artwork to a backing board is by using corner pockets. These are the same style and shape as the ones you would use at home to adhere your family photos to a photo album. Corner pockets ensure that zero adhesive touches your artwork.

Fine art should never be fully mounted to a backing board with paste or glue.

There are other adhesives and pastes used to attach the artwork, to find out more check out our other blogs on the subject.

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