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Ready-Made Frames Vs Custom Picture Frames

Picture frames not only enhance the aesthetics of your artwork but can also protect it from dust and damage. However, the choice between ready-made and custom picture framing can be dicey, especially for those who are new to the framing industry. Below, we explore the differences between these two options and uncover the value of custom framing.

Ready-made Frames

Ready-made picture frames are mass-produced frames that you can buy off the shelf from craft stores or big-box retailers. They often come in standard sizes and designs, and you don't need to wait before taking them home and using them. One advantage of ready-made frames is their cost-effectiveness, as they are typically cheaper than custom frames. Plus, you can select from a range of designs that match your artwork theme and style.

However, the downside of ready-made frames is that they may not fit the exact dimensions of your artwork, leaving it vulnerable to damage. Also, the lower quality materials used in ready-made frames like plastic and MDF can compromise their durability.

Custom Picture Framing

Custom picture framing, on the other hand, is designed to cater to the individual needs of your artwork. Unlike ready-made frames, with custom framing, you can choose the frame material, matting, and glass. You can also decide on the frame size, color, and design that suits the artwork's theme and style.

One of the significant benefits of custom framing is that it ensures that your artwork is enclosed with high-quality materials. For instance, conservation-grade acid-free matting and UV protective glass can help limit the damaging effects of light, moisture, and air pollutants.

Moreover, custom framing protects the fragile edges and corners of your artwork while making it look polished and professional. Custom frames also protect your artwork from the environment, pests, and any other unforeseen accidents that may occur.

Value of Custom Picture Framing

Custom framing is an investment for your artwork and its protection. With custom framing, you have the freedom to match the frame and matting to your style and décor, adding a personal touch to your artwork.

Below are some examples that highlight the value of custom picture framing:

  1. Non-standard Artwork Sizes: Custom framing ensures that your artwork, no matter how small or large, has a frame that fits perfectly. In addition, to protect the artwork, the custom frame can be designed to leave enough space between the artwork and glass.

  2. Original Artwork: Original artwork is delicate and expensive, and it deserves to have a unique and durable frame that preserves it for generations to come. Custom framing materials like acid-free matting and museum-quality glass ensure that your artwork remains as good as new for an extended period.

  3. Valuable or Sentimental Artwork: If you have a valuable or sentimental piece of artwork, a custom frame helps to preserve it for as long as possible. Custom framing ensures that the materials used are of high quality and protect the artwork's longevity.


Both ready-made and custom frames have their advantages and disadvantages. However, custom picture framing offers the highest level of protection for your artwork and allows you to tailor the frame to your taste and requirements. Consider the value of custom framing when you want to frame those precious artworks. You'll be happy you did!


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