When & Why you Use Archival Framing

Why Archival?

Have You ever had an old family photo album and after a while you notice the pictures start to yellow and almost burn?

This is because the materials used to store and house the photos can contain different acidic glues or let off various chemical fumes over time. Also, the board or paper that the photos are attached to could be not archival-This means that the board or paper could contain wood pulp as part of it's base. It can produce what is called Acid Burn on the photos.

How To Pick Which Way To Go...

Well, first things first-what level of archival-ness does your artwork actually need? There are a few points to look at when deciding this-

1- Monetary value

2-How scarce is the art

3-Sentimental value

4-What you like is only available in archival materials.

If you are framing valuable artwork it is always best to use materials that will not overtime de-value your investment.

In this case you should use archival materials.

Special linen tape or archival photo pockets should be used to mount the artwork to the backing board and if you do choose to have a paper or fabric mat around the piece then this would also need to be archival.

If the artwork is irreplaceable or sentimental, then, chances are you will want to hold on to it and use materials that will protect it for a long time.

Take a look at what you are framing and what it means to you. No matter what frame shop you use (Should always be Sherman Gallery!)

we always believe that you should never be tricked into buying custom picture framing that is either overprices or unnecessary for your art. Ask questions and always feel free to email or call us with questions.

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