To Ready-Made or Not to Ready-Made?

You’d think that as a custom frame shop we would completely condemn ready-made picture frames, but the truth is that there is a time and a place for them. In this blog post we will give you the pros and cons of ready-made frames and where they should stand in your decision-making process. Now-a-days you can find pre-made picture frames in all shapes and sizes. They’re simple, you pop the back open, slide your artwork or photo in, close the tabs in the back and hang it.

Ready-Made Pros:

  1. They are extremely affordable. Sometimes costing as little as .50 cents.

  2. You can hang your artwork same day. If you need something framed and hung in a pinch, this is a perfect solution.

Ready-Made Cons:

  1. They are often poorly made, as is the case with Ikea frames. Clients frequently come to us to place their artwork in an Ikea frame. Unfortunately, these frames are made of a composite material similar to cardboard and will eventually fall off the wall or disconnect at the corners.

  2. Now, this is an important point! Glass, or lack thereof. The glass included with ready-mades is more like a thin piece of paper. So, if you are looking to protect your art, this is not a sufficient mask to place over it.

  3. They look ready-made…No matter how much you try and add a great piece of artwork to them, they almost always have a sort of cheap look to them.

There are other attributes of framing that are important to take into account, such as archiving. Will the frame, glass and boards protect your art? Or, will the acids present in the materials act as a silent killer and slowly eat away at whatever you’ve put into it. A ready-made frame is always better than a poster pinned or taped to the wall--But as an adult is that really living your best life? With custom picture framing, you don’t have to break the bank. We have frames literally starting at $25 for a fully custom-made frame, assembled just for you.

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