Because it wasn’t boring to create your art…your framer shouldn’t be either.

When you are creating a piece of art, you usually have a feeling or a communication that you would like the observer and admirer to feel and perceive upon viewing. The aesthetic flow that you have imbued into your artwork is actually picked up by the admirer. It’s an amazing high-level communication activity. Skill levels vary but the concept of the communication stays the same. We’ve all seen this with a child’s drawing of their family. Not always technically perfect but we always get the concept.

So, we take this concept of a beautiful communication that you have spent days, weeks, months and sometimes years to complete. What is your perceived value of this artwork? And what is necessary to preserve and minimally protect it from the immediate surroundings and environment. This is where using a professional framer is extremely important.

As a professional picture framer, we have the knowledge to ask you the correct questions to ensure that your creation stays just as vibrant and as alive as you want it to be. This isn’t a small task and sometimes it does require a knowledge of glass, boards and different adhesives. So, don’t be fooled by the one-size-fits all ready-made frame, get educated so that you can ensure you are preserving your creations to the degree that you want them to last.

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